JCT600 - Group information

Group information

Family Heritage

Originally founded in 1946, JCT600 remains a proud family firm with a long and illustrious history in the motor industry. Current Chief Executive, John Tordoff is the son of Jack Tordoff who built the company up from a single garage over 44 highly successful years until he moved to the role of Chairman in 2002.

In this time, Jack saw the business grow to become one of the UK's largest privately owned independent motor groups today representing 21 franchises operating from 50 dealerships across the North of England with an annual turnover in excess of £850 million.

The Motor Ombudsman

Our Retailers are members of The Motor Ombudsman, an impartial service to provide dispute resolution. If you would like further information on The Motor Ombudsman, please visit the link below.

Trusted by the World's best manufacturers

JCT600 takes its name from Jack Tordoff's Mercedes-Benz 600 personalised number plate and it was in a Porsche 911 bearing that very registration that Jack won the International Circuit of Ireland in 1973.

From its origins with one showroom housing Standard and Triumph vehicles, JCT600 is now the official centre for many leading volume manufacturers; for prestige names such as BMW and Mercedes-Benz; for sporting legends Porsche, Ferrari, Maserati and Lotus; and for world famous marques Aston Martin and Bentley.

The JCT600 Customer First Philosophy

Jack always says that if you put customers first then they will do the same for you. JCT600 continues to hold to this tradition of putting the customer at the heart of all the company does.

The rewards of this success are then invested back in the business - in developing first class staff, delivering first rate service, in state-of-the art facilities.

To Jack and his successor John, the JCT600 family philosophy extends far beyond the Tordoff name, to every single member of the JCT600 team, and to the customers themselves. It's a unique belief and it provides a unique experience.